Papmor focuses on projects with vulnerable children, primarily refugee kids. We’ve created workshops for “Center Sandholm” (refugee center), “Welcome House” and churches and at special events like Christmas celebrations, “Velkomstfesten” and summer camps.
We have many new ideas and projects that we hope to launch to the benefit of all these amazing children.



Creative Workshops for refugee children

Our creative workshops with the children are all designed with a theme or story, that the children can reflect on or explore, by interacting with the creative activities we have planed for the workshop. 

It is important for us to create a safe and fun space for the kids to talk about their lives, dreams and hopes, and we do our best to inspire all these talented kids to "live outside the box" despite of all hardship and prejudice they already have og will face later on in life. 

Center Sandholm

For nearly 2 years now we have had workshops at Center Sandholm, a refugee camp run by the Red Cross in Denmark. 


Since September 2016 Papmor started to two times a month to hosted a creative workshop for all the children and playful souls at Welcome House located in Copenhagen and run Københavns Kommune (The Copenhagen municipality).


Cardboard Events

All children can benefit for learning to play outside the box and see possibilities in life where most people only see waste, so we also do creative Events for other kinds of families and children. Contact us if you are interested in doing a cardboard workshop and we would love if it also can spread the awareness of PAPMOR and support the work we do with the refugee children. Every child deserves to be able to shape their own future for the better. 


Pictures and stories from our projects and events can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.