Papmor is an independent organisation working to promote hope and creativity into children’s lives.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining forces or want to support our work.



Our network of professionals supporting the work we do.

The quality of our work with the children is very important to us, and even though we do our best to adjust our workshops to the interest, level of understanding and the needs we observe in the children, we also insist of having an on-going cooperation with the professionals in our network and the organisations we collaborate with.

We are very grateful for to be working alongside the Red Cross at their refugee camps and at “Welcome House” and the municipality in Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune). They support us by connecting us with the children and providing us with the setting, feedback and insights needed to give children a good and safe experience at our creative workshops. 




Thanks to the help of private people, local companies and other organisations Papmor are provided with creative tools and used cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes for our creative workshops.

A very special thanks to Womens Reboot, Byens Valgmenighed, private sponsors and GLIMT in Græsted for helping us kickstart this project financially. 

Turning these used boxes and other paper goods that where ment to be thrown away into something amazing is an important part of what we wish to teach the children, both when it comes to traditional sustainability but also when it comes to lives other might see as waste. So we are especially thrilled when we get to show the kids that a box frome a walker can be upcycled into a castle, and that a wheelchair box is perfect for a race car.