We need your help
to keep this project alive. 

We have many ideas and projects that we know will help set children free to create a better lifte for themselves, and a better future for all of us, so we would be very grateful to get your support in any form possible.


Donate financially

If you wish to help us financially you can do so by transferring money to our account or by using MobilePay.  

Account information: 6493 2029776

Donate creative materials

Most of the children that attend our workshops don't have the means to get the creative tools other children grow up with, and we all know having acces to pens in bright colors, a good scissors and smooth clean paper means a lot for your joy of creating and the output, so we gladly accept any donations of creative materials.


Thank you!

– You are an important part of supporting vulnerable children and empowering them to design a better life by letting us continue and grow this project.

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