PAPMOR believe that children shape our world and make it a place for future generations. Some children might not have a glamorous childhood being born into a part of the world with war, persecution or violence. We believe that these children in particular need to be free from being shaped and put into boxes by the circumstances of their life, society and the people they meet. 

This is why PAPMOR's main focus is to work with refugee children. 



PAPMOR wants all children to have a hope for their future, to know that they are precious and to grow in creativity so they can create possibilities and alternatives in their lives where some people only see waste. We believe that this will help them unbox their full potential and make the world a better place.



Through our cardboards workshops together with a team of caring Papmødre (Box Moms) we reshape ordinary cardboard boxes into extraordinary things in collaboration with children. The children get an out-of-box experience with creativity and get to make their ideas and dreams come to life through the cardboard.

During the workshops the Cardboard Moms’ promotes the idea in the kids that their lives matter, that they are precious and that they are allowed to hope for a better future.



The Name

The name PAPMOR translates into Cardboard Mom in danish, and is normally a word used for a stepmom. I fell in love with the double meaning, and that the two words combined describes how cardboard can be used as creative media to show the motherly love and care for children.

– Judith Jønsby founder of PAPMOR – 


Papmor is a volunteer non profit organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here you will find Papmors statutes and privacy policy that align with our commitment with the GDPR. All documents are in danish.